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Acorn Finance is the world’s first embedded lending marketplace for home improvement financing, empowering borrowers, lenders, contractors and software providers to achieve their goals. Borrowers can shop for the best rates from the best lenders, all within a few seconds and fewer clicks. Contractors can increase sales by offering financing to customers at no extra cost to themselves. Software providers to the home improvement industry can add value for contractors and enhance the homeowner’s buying experience by embedding Acorn Finance’s solution within their estimates and invoices. Lenders can reach more homeowners while also testing the ideal rates for optimum engagement.
Acquire App is an online shopping platform transforming e-commerce by creating an unforgettable checkout. Acquire App's innovative, beautifully designed platform does it all, providing retailers with a powerful tool to attract and retain customers, and giving end-users an easy, streamlined shopping experience. Their mission is to empower online merchants of all sizes with an elevated checkout solution. It was founded in 2020 and is based in San Francisco, California, United States, and Montreal, Canada.
Advocate Technologies is a B2B SaaS start-up modernizing insurance operations for lenders. We transform lenders’ insurance functions across three areas: Compliance, Monetization, and Risk Analytics. Customers (financial institutions, banks, alt. asset managers) buy our software to improve the performance of their lending programs. We replace manual processes for insurance operations with our automated software platform supported by a highly skilled customer support team. Our customers range from lenders providing personal mortgages (loan sizes of $250K to $5M) to large commercial lenders funding $100M+ for commercial real estate development projects. $15T+ of loans in the US need our service. Advocate also collects insurance data. Customers submit insurance policy documents when using our software and we collect data from these documents. This data is then used to improve our products. Advocate was founded in October 2020 by a world class team based in New York and Athens Greece. In April 2022, 18 months after founding the business, Advocate raised $9 million USD, one of the largest fintech seed rounds. We are backed by blue chip VCs, family offices, and industry veterans. To learn more about Advocate, visit
Aeqium empowers managers and people teams to make better decisions quickly by automating away the months of spreadsheet work required today for compensation planning and analysis. We seamlessly integrate the people data scattered across systems and spreadsheets in your back office to give all compensation stakeholders in your company the right data when they need it. Our platform makes it easy to run a comp cycle, get actionable insights on employee comp across cash & equity, ensure pay equity, manage comp bands, and communicate total rewards to candidates and employees. Best of all, managers want to use our product, unlike the other systems that drove you to spreadsheets in the first place. Learn more at
Alloy Online, Inc., New York, NY, is an apparel cataloger and an e-commerce destination site for teens. The company has created one of the most trafficked on-line teen community sites with interactive features including e-mail, chat, and an extensive on-line shopping area.
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We help struggling Americans solve hard financial problems with real-time automated solutions
Climate Club is a platform for climate action. The company seeks to reverse climate change by closing the gap between climate-related intentions and actions for companies and individuals. It was founded in 2021 and is based in New York, New York.
Developer of credit control application designed to monitor and maintain credit scores. The company's application accommodates user's income and monthly expenses to offer simple actions that can repair a person's credit score by connecting their accounts and also by providing account security, data security and security alerts, enabling users to maintain and build their credit and credit scores properly while curtailing down their expenses.
At Cushion, our goal is to help every customer waste less money, save more, and live a financially healthier life. We plan to arm every consumer with a digital CFO that can manage their finances for them, better than they can. Our first product is tackling bank and credit card fees, a $200-billion problem in the U.S. annually. We leverage artificial intelligence, advanced fee-detection technology, and bank-level security to negotiate with the banks and credit card companies to put money back into people’s accounts—quickly, efficiently, securely, and automatically.
We’re on a mission to create a company that creates great companies. We follow a repeatable process — defining a hypothesis, researching and testing it vigorously, assembling the world class team to build a product, iterating the solution to find product-market and go-to-market fit, and then hatching and scaling breakthrough businesses. We build companies primarily based on our own ideas and with our infrastructure and initial teams. As such, we can grow businesses faster and have a much higher success rate.
**We are posting these jobs on behalf of Eaglebrook as a Member of our Network** Eaglebrook Advisors is a tech-driven investment manager that provides financial advisors with streamlined, secure, and compliant access to bitcoin and digital assets. The firm has created the first bitcoin and crypto separately managed accounts (SMAs), which are designed to seamlessly integrate with an advisor’s current portfolio management systems and workflows. The company is backed by leading wealth management executives and financial institutions.